Glitter Is Everything | Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners

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I have a somewhat sick obsession with glitter. Whether it’s makeup, shoes, handbags or even home decor – my fetish for all things sparkly is out of control.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of attending a family wedding. As you can imagine, Indian weddings call for opulent, heavily embellished and colourful outfits. I’ve never been an advocate for soft, natural makeup with Indian wear. Not to say that it’s not allowed, but in my opinion, when the clothes are so extravagant the makeup needs to follow suit. I decided, quite early on, that glitter was the only route I needed to take when it came to my makeup. Not that I needed an excuse, if it were up to me I would rock a glittery eye every day of the week!

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I recently picked up the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners in the shades, Distortion, Midnight Cowboy and Glam Rock. The complete collection of eyeliners contain 7 shades, including Amp (turquoise, green-y blue), Spandex (midnight blue), ACDC (deep purple) and Junkshow (bright pink). Although the other colours are beautiful, I’m not sure if they are as universally wearable as the golds and silvers. Plus, if you are looking for the perfect glitter to go with your Indian outfit, you can’t go wrong with a classic gold or silver. I may, however, have to invest in the dark blue colour as that would look stunning as a Kim Kardashian-esque blue smokey eye with a twist.

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A beautiful iridescent glitter; which reflects an array of colours. You can use this as a ‘neutral’ glitter for any makeup look without compromising on the colour. Imagine a diamond reflecting light from a surface giving off a beautiful mix of green, gold, fuchsia and blue.

glitter eyeliner 4


If silver is what you’re going for then Glamrock is the shade for you. This has pure silver particles guaranteed to add some serious sparkle to your peepers.

glitter eyeliner 5

Midnight Cowboy

Rather than a harsh, abrasive hue, this is more of a beige-gold colour. This is a perfect accompaniment to any Indian outfit. The warm undertones look amazing against tanned skin.

glitter eyeliner 7

The thing that I like most about these glitters is the applicator. I’ve tried many glitters and pigments in the past, including the ever-famous MAC Glitter Pots. What I find irritating about most of the glitters available on the market, is the mess factor. Girls who love experimenting with glitters and pigments will relate. Once you open the lid on one of these bad boys, you find yourself amidst an explosion of product. Despite trying to open them as carefully as possible, you can’t escape the mess that they create all over your vanity and even your hands! Now, I love glitter as much as the next person, but when I’m rushing out of the door, the last thing I need is a cloud of highly pigmented glitter all over my bedroom.

The brush applicator on these eyeliners is an ingenious solution to all of those problems that potted glitters and pigments give you. I must say though, the applicator is to be expected as these are eyeliners after all, but when you’re looking to paint these beauties all over your eyelid, the brush is a welcomed tool. There’s virtually no mess, no fuss and, in actual fact, they make your application more precise than a makeup brush could ever achieve. The thin bristles make it easy to get the product tight against your lash line as an eyeliner or as a pop of colour in your inner tear duct.

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The pigmentation on these eyeliners is intense, yet build-able. One swipe is enough to give a transparent flash of glitter, but adding two or three more coats gives you an incredible opaque finish; which is easily noticeable. The glitter particles are not too big; which makes this super comfortable to wear, especially for contact lens wearers like myself. One thing that I find with regular glitters if that the removal process can be quite daunting. Many have left me with red and irritated eyes as they have been so difficult to remove. The Heavy Metal eyeliners easily melt away with a swipe of a facial wipe or eye makeup remover. Despite this, the staying power is great and they dry almost immediately; which means that if you do go for an all-over-the-lid look, they won’t transfer to your brow bone (first world problems I know).

Have you tried these glitter eyeliners before? Comment below with your experience and what colours you would recommend.