Time For A Change?


As I approach my 2nd year blogging birthday, I can’t help but feel slightly content. I’ve managed to turn my passion for all things beauty into a full fledged platform with just over 6000 subscribers. How I’ve managed to get 6000 people to listen to my weekly ramblings I have no idea; but I’m forever grateful to say the least.

Blogging has been the best creative outlet I could have ever discovered for myself. I’m not musically inclined and I’m bordering on the edge of shit artistically. However, blogging has been a hidden gem of mine that, dare I say, I’m somewhat ok at.

Despite the fact that blogging has been a weekly occurrence for the past two years, I can’t help but feel like somewhat of a rookie in the blogging world. Sure, I found my niche and I’ve tried my best to put out quality content to the best of my ability, but have I really shown the world what I’m all about? The short answer to that is no and I’ll tell you why…

When I initially started this blog, I had every intention of sticking to beauty related content. Despite having a plethora of topics to talk about, as time rolled on, so did my interests and I struggled to incorporate non-beauty related ideas into, what is essentially, a beauty blog. I did, however, give it a go now and then, but it never felt cohesive. I quickly discovered that, alongside makeup, I have an array of passions that I wanted to share with my subscribers and the only way to do that is to start again.

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that ReenaJB-eauty will be no more. I’m just here to inform you that I will be taking a ‘break’ through the month of August and will return on my 2nd birthday (3rd September 2017) with a brand look. Rather than focussing on my passion for beauty, I will blogging about recipes, home decor, lifestyle hacks, motivational pieces, natural remedies, tips, tricks and a whole lot more. I will be incorporating a more ‘personalised’ approach to my blog posts and allowing into my life; including personal events and updates. I want this blog to grow as I do and encompass everything to do with my lifestyle.

I’ll still be very active on my social media accounts; which you can access from the home page at any time, but please bear with me for the next 4 weeks as I whip up a brand new platform for you to enjoy.

I hope you embrace this new change as much as I have done and although it will be very hard to not blog for the next few weeks, I hope it will all be worth it in the end. So with that said, I better get to work. See you in September Beauties (yes you’ll always be referred to as my Beauties).