Running Around Barcelona

‘Don’t be late Reena!’ If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that…

Of course, I pay no attention to the cries of my family and friends who clearly know more about my time management skills (lack of) than what I’m willing to admit.

A girly weekend in Barcelona seemed like the perfect opportunity to push the boundaries of time constraints. Apparently, check-in staff at Heathrow don’t take too lightly to passengers who allow 20 minutes to check baggage, clear security and board the plane. Needless to say – I hit my monthly cardio quota in one airport trip.

Two sweaty armpits later and we’re in Barcelona! Needless to say – we pretty much spent our holiday getting progressively lost…depite visiting Barcelona only a few years ago. However, if there’s a city you CAN and SHOULD get lost in it’s Barcelona.

If you don’t love churros and hot chocolate as much as I do then I respectfully decline your friendship and wish you the best in life (sort of). If you’re a ‘fence sitter’ then paying a visit to Petritxol Xocoa will surely convert you into a believer.

The churros are crisp and light, with a sprinkling of sugar which gives the right balance of sweetness against the bitter, almost chilli-like, dark chocolate dip. The hot chocolate prevails against its British counterpart. This is an espresso cup of the deepest, richest, most indulgent chocolate you will ever experience.

The crowds are in abundance, but once you grab a seat, it’s a great haven tucked in the backstreets of Las Ramblas.

If you’re looking to get around the city in ‘style’ or set yourself up for potential suicide then Go Car Barcelona is the way to go! Self-driven go carts with guided gps tours which take you around the city explaining all the sights. I cannot tell you how close to death I was, particularly as I’ve never driven internationally. All that said, it was one of the best experiences of the trip.

La Sagrada Familia

For a slower pace of life, the Marina is a great escape from the bustle of the city. Walking down the promenade, grabbing some fresh sea food whilst overlooking the coastline or even locking in your love with a padlock on the boardwalk – the Marina is peaceful and family-friendly.