Random Monthly Favourite | Hipiwe Portable LED Makeup Mirror

I hate monotonous routines. There’s nothing I despise more than being a creature of habit. I like to mix things up, step outside of the box and live a little on the edge. Sounds very cliché I know, but there’s nothing worse than being boring.

We talk about makeup, skin care, body care, etc, etc every week. While I’m not complaining (and I hope you aren’t either), I thought I would welcome you into my world of randomness. For those who know me personally, I’m forever finding gadgets and little knick-knacks; which make life a little easier. I avidly search the pages of Etsy, Amazon and even eBay for inspiration on what to add to my collection and today; I wanted to share with you all the newest addition to my weekly blog posts – Random Monthly Favourite.

Unlike my typical blog posts, I will dedicate a short, but sweet post on one item that I have been loving for the past month. Be it lifestyle, gadget, or even food, I will share with you one item that has been in constant rotation and the reason why I’m loving it. I’m constantly referring random lifestyle items to friends and family so I thought this was the best way to update you all on my random purchases in between the mass of beauty products that I accumulate – hope you enjoy it!

I take everything but the kitchen sink with me when I travel. I am a textbook over-packer, preparing myself for any scenario that comes my way. However, there’s one thing that fails me 99.9% of the time – poor hotel room lighting. I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently and while I’ve now mastered the technique of applying my makeup in a small palette/compact mirror, I still can’t get on board with terrible lighting.


Whilst searching the pages of Amazon, one particularly unproductive afternoon, I came across a listing for a portable LED makeup mirror. I’ve seen a fair number of YouTubers talk about their love for these after discovering the same despise for hotel room lighting as I have so I knew I had to have one in my life.


The Hipiwe Dimmable Battery Operated LED Illuminated Lighted Cosmetic Vanity Makeup Mirror is a lightweight, freestanding makeup mirror; which contains 16 dimable LED lights. Unlike many lighted makeup mirrors on the market, this contains white toned lights as opposed to yellow; which provides the most desirable illumination for applying your makeup. Warm, white lights mimic the look of natural lighting and reduces the risk over going overboard with your foundation or powder.


The 1:1 real display also contains a touch-sensitive button; which controls the lighting system. One short, sharp tap turns the mirror on and off while keeping your finger on the button controls the dimmer. Increasing or decreasing the severity of the LED lights allows you to be in complete control of your makeup application, along with providing comfort for those with sensitive eyes. Being a contact lens wearer myself, I have pretty sensitive eyes, but in all honesty, I don’t find the brightest setting at all uncomfortable.


The back of the display features an on/off switch; which ensures that you’re not running down your battery when your mirror is pressed up against other items in your travel bag. You can, of course, keep the mirror on at all times and control the lights with the touch-sensitive button, but being the OCD freak that I am, I love that I have a second option.


The mirror can be used hand held or freestanding. The arm can be adjusted to various degrees so that it sits fairly comfortably for a variety of heights. I’m fairly tall so I find myself having to scooch down in my chair when looking at a regular vanity mirror, but here I am able to coordinate the position of the mirror so that it fits comfortably for me. The arm folds down completely flat; which is perfect for when you want to slip it into your travel bag/suitcase. It also has very little physical weight so it won’t weigh your bag down.

The mirror itself comes in three colour options – black, white and pink; which are all equally functional. I opted for the white colour as it matches my bedroom decor should I need to use it at home. For £14.99 it certainly isn’t the cheapest of options for a travel mirror, but considering how many times I’ve used it I feel as though I have gotten my money’s worth.

You can find the Hipiwe Dimmable Battery Operated LED Illuminated Lighted Cosmetic Vanity Makeup Mirror here.