Prepare Your Skin For Halloween


Halloween isn’t particularly my favourite time of the year. I’m a complete chicken when it comes to scary stuff. Ghosts, goblins and ghouls are definitely not my cup of tea. Hell, I’m still afraid of the dark at 30 years of age. However, there’s no better occasion than Halloween to exercise my creative skills as a makeup enthusiast.

I’ve been a witch, a blood-sucking creature, a demented doll and an evil sorceress – but that’s enough talk of my PMS symptoms. This year, I really wanted to push the boat out for Halloween (as you can see from my Instagram pictures). It hasn’t been an easy task to complete. From liquid latex to spirit gum, I’ve had it all on my face this week. Whilst the fun of Halloween is still running through my veins, taking it all off has been a welcomed affair. Halloween makeup can be harsh and abrasive against the skin. Skin preparation is vital to protect your delicate faces against the layers of ‘unnatural’ makeup. Plan, prepare and protect – the three Ps; which I abide by every Halloween if I am to avoid looking like an evil troll naturally.

Here are my steps in ensuring that your Halloween creations don’t destroy your heavenly faces:-

Exfoliate – Starting off with a clean base can put you on the right path for flawless application. That’s usually the case for a beautiful foundation routine, however, the same applies to Halloween makeup. Exfoliating your skin means that the dead cells are removed and your skin is smoothed to perfection. This is essential for makeup creations using face paints; which emphasise every last imperfection on your skin.

Moisturise – Moisturising adds a layer of protection to your skin. Face paints and cream colours are usually applied in abundance and Halloween makeup dramatically reduces the level of oxygen that reaches your skin. Applying a good moisturiser before the dousing yourself in fake blood will ensure that your face isn’t screaming bloody murder.

Prime – Much like moisturising, protecting your skin with a primer is equally as important. Primers will ensure that your base makeup doesn’t slip and slide, as well as acting as a ‘glue’. Presumably, you’ll be wearing your halloween creations for a prolonged period of time, so keeping it all in place will be at the top of your priority list.

Use quality products – Halloween makeup can get expensive – trust me I know! It can be very tempting to cut costs by using ‘cheap’ halloween palettes/kits/sets. I’m not by any means naming any names, but reading the allergies list on the back of many Halloween makeup kits, it’s a wonder how they’re able to sell them. Novelty contact lenses also falls within this category. Please please please look into the products you are using, whether it’s face paints, wigs or coloured lenses. Halloween makeup can be horrifically fun, but if you don’t invest into quality products you could be living with a long term nightmare.

Ensure your tools are clean – Just as you would ensure that your face is clean before applying Halloween makeup, your tools need to follow suit. Applying makeup with a dirty sponge or mouldy brush can actually work against you, making the application process very messy and prone to spreading bacteria all over your face.

Use oil to breakdown the product – Halloween makeup is seriously potent stuff. If you’re going for facial re-definition i.e. using liquid latex, it can be a real pain to get off. First rule of thumb – don’t pull it off! Yes it may be tempting and it can provide you with an unconventional exfoliation technique, but pulling at your skin causes premature ageing. Using an oil-based cleanser like the Body Shop’s Camomile Cleanser, or even a cold-pressed natural oil like coconut oil can breakdown the robust Halloween makeup.

Cleanse, cleanse again, then cleanse some more – Once you have broken down the product using an oil-based cleanser, it’s important to follow up with a good cleansing routine. On a normal day I double cleanse my face, regardless of how much makeup I apply. In this case, a double cleanse may not suffice (depending on how dramatic your creation is). I say triple cleanse! What’s the worse that could happen? You may dry out your skin slightly, but you’re going to treat your skin later. So in the name of clean skin, there’s no such thing as too much cleansing.

Treat and soothe – Applying a soothing face mask can provide your skin with a boost of hydration; which your skin will be in desperate need of. Sheet masks are my favourite way of adding moisture back into my skin, as well as giving myself some relaxation time. There is a vast array of sheet masks available on the market and, in all honesty, they all do the same thing. Whip a sheet mask out, apply it to your face for around 20 minutes and then massage the remainder of the ‘solution’ into your skin for the deepest hydration you will ever feel.

Seal in the moisture – After massaging your sheet mask solution into your skin, you will want to seal it all in. Facial oils is what you need to provide you with a sealant for all that moisture. Apply a couple of drops to your fingertips, rub together slightly to create some warmth and pat over your face whilst adopting slight massaging techniques – your skin will thank you later!