Painless Depilation

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Back in October I had the pleasure of attending the Olympia Beauty Show in London. Being surrounded by amazing brands and like minded beauty enthusiasts was an incredibly fun experience.

Granted that this is a slightly obvious statement to make considering that I’m a beauty blogger, but I love experimenting in new and unknown products. You can almost guarantee that if it’s beauty related, I’ve tried it!

During the course of the show, I found myself being dragged into several stalls by overzealous sales representatives. Not that I expected any different, but seriously, how many times can one hear the words ‘wonder product’ in a day?!

One stall, in particular, stood out to me straight away. Not particularly for the aesthetics or the perfect product placement, but for the two simple words written across a huge banner stand – HAIR REMOVAL.

Now when it comes to hair removal, I’ve tried every method available. I must admit, and I’m sure I’ll get a few eye rolls after reading this, but I’m not particularly hairy. Being of Indian descent you would think otherwise, but in all honesty, I simply don’t have that problem (God has not been so kind to me in other departments). With that said, I still look to hair removal methods to rid myself of the hair that I do have.

I’m not much of an advocate of shaving as I find it irritates my dry skin. I’ve attempted creams, sugaring, laser hair removal and waxing for longer lasting results, but besides the pain factor, I find these methods very time consuming.

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Melody Claire is a company which promotes the Elegant Depilation System. Depilation (aka Epilation) has always been thought of as a painful and slow process of hair removal; which removes hair directly from the root promising longer lasting results. Now call me crazy, but I’m not up for dying a slow and painful death whilst trying to remove my bikini line!

The Elegant Depilation System works slightly different to traditional systems. Rather than using a plucking method to rip the hair from the roots, small micro-crystal pads are used to gently buff them away. The system promises long lasting results much like waxing, but is completely mess-free and travel friendly.

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How to use it

Each kit contains:

1 Large Backing Pad
1 Small Backing Pad
4 Large Micro-Crystal replacement pads
4 Small Micro-Crystal replacement pads
1 Travel Case

The micro-crystal pads are used to stick onto the pink rubber applicators. Using small circular motions, rub the pad onto the skin in clockwise then anti-clockwise movements. This motion painlessly removes hair follicles leaving you with smooth and silky skin. The removed hairs simply dissolve away once removed and avoids any messy clean ups.

The larger pads are used for the body and the smaller pads are used for the face and harder to reach areas i.e. fingers and toes.

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Does it work?

The system certainly lives up to its claims of painless hair removal. Before purchasing, the lady at the Melody Claire stand tested the micro-crystal pad on my very reluctant husband. She demonstrated how easily the pad removed the long hairs on his arm revealing incredibly smooth and soft skin. After confirming her claims of pain-free removal with my husband, I quickly asked her to put one in a bag for me.

So here is my biggest gripe with this system. Despite its claims that results are similar to that of waxing, I would strongly disagree. It’s hard to see how hair is being pulled from the roots without feeling the slightest pinch. This could be down to the fact that the hair is, in fact, not being pulled from the roots, but rather cut at the surface of the skin much like shaving. Low and behold, within a week my hair grew back.

I must admit that when using the pad, you literally don’t feel a thing. However, there’s a strong possibility of going overboard. If you rub a little too hard in one area, the aftermath is painful; much like taking sandpaper to your skin! This is not so likely if you are using it in larger areas such as legs. However, I would be extra vigilant in sensitive areas like your face, underarms and bikini.

Unlike waxing, hair does not need to reach a certain length for this to work. The micro-crystal pads are very effective at getting rid of the shortest of hairs.


If you like shaving or are looking for a quick fix, then this is perfect. Even if you are doing laser hair removal and you’ve been advised to shave or use hair removal cream in between each treatment, this could be a great alternative. I would certainly not use this system hoping to get the same results as waxing or traditional depilation methods.

The travel-friendly aspect is quite appealing. I always find that when I’m on holiday, despite getting my legs waxed beforehand, I get a small amount of stubble peeping through. This system is perfect for popping into your holdall to ‘top up’ your legs when needed. It’s also quite handy in emergency situations where you simply have no time or the facilities to shave or wax.

Overall, the claims made by Melody Claire were unfortunately too good to be true in my case. The ease of use and painless aspects were fantastic, but it simply does not give you long-lasting results. If used correctly, it can give you beautifully soft skin. Along with hair, it also takes the very top layer of your skin leaving it smooth and supple.

I would continue to use this product as a backup hair removal method for times when shaving, waxing or any other hair removal method is not an option.

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How much does it cost and where can I get it from?

You can purchase the Elegant Depilation System and additional replacement pads from the Melody Claire website here. They are currently offering the entire system for a bargin price of £19.99.

Have you tried the Elegant Depilation System before? What’s your verdict or favourite hair removal method? Comment below!