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‘Remember, remember, the 5th of November’…really who can forget?! The constant barrage of rockets and Catherine wheels being let off are a reminder that Bonfire Night has indeed arrived.

The smell of gun powder in the air, the crackling wood and the toasted marshmallows all play a part in this colourful, yet nostalgic event. Being the big kid that I am, I still get a kick out of air writing my name with a sparkler. However, I do find it irritating that when the fireworks are done and I’m ready to get some shut eye, my neighbours unfortunately do not feel the same way.

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Neom Organics are a luxury company which promote natural fragrances and oils to aid sleep deprivation and stress relief. Their ethos is based around ‘harnessing the efficacy and optimising the aroma therapeutic qualities of pure essential oils’ producing naturally scented products which feed your mind, body and soul. Unlike many other organic brands out there who believe in encasing their products in unattractive, somewhat child-like packaging, Neom believe that going green should be nothing short of indulgent. Their glass containers and expensive looking branding give your home a touch of elegance.

neom candle

Neom Organics Tranquility Standard Scented Candle £30 available here

Being a self-confessed candle hoarder, there’s nothing that I love more than winding down with the aroma of a beautifully scented candle. This therapeutic scent contains a blend of 19 essential oils; which help you achieve a perfect night’s sleep. The ingredients include sweet basil, jasmine and english lavender; which has been proven to naturally calm your senses. The result is a heavenly blend; which is guaranteed to help you drift into dream land.

The candle uses vegetable wax rather than synthetic ingredients to burn without the release of harmful pollutants, toxins and soot. Burning this candle for a minimum of 10 minutes fills your entire room with a delicious scent that lasts long after the candle is blown out. Considering the cost, you actually get up to 50 hours of burn time which, in my eyes, justifies the price tag.

Putting the smell aside, the candle looks pretty glam on my beside table. Like Kate Middleton, who is also a devotee of Neom, these candles are a firm fixture in my home.

neom sleep kit

Neom Essential Sleep Kit £20 available here

Honestly speaking, my husband gets more use out of this kit than I do. Being a sleep talker, he’s always looking for a way to block out my blabbering and get a good night’s sleep. Don’t judge me…I have a lot to say!

The kit includes dinky 5ml sized versions of Intense Night Repair Body Oil, Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment and Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist.

The products are created with the same principle as the candles. 100% natural with no artificial ingredients and enriched with the same blend of 19 essential oils. A three step process, the box includes instructions on how to use the products to get the most out of your experience.

The first step is the Intense Night Repair Body Oil; which you slather onto your skin after a warm bath. Personally in my eyes, 5ml is not enough. Two applications of this oil will empty out the bottle in no time. However, it’s the perfect size to try out the oil without committing to a full sized version. The oil is non greasy and absorbs easily into the skin, however, the smell is overpowering. If you have a sensitive nose, I would skip this step. If you do fall in love with this oil I would suggest a repurchase of the full size.

The second step is the Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment. Now I’ve always been a fan of roller ball essential oils. Whenever life gets a bit much, or I need an energy boost whilst at work, I always whip out a little roller ball essential oil to rub onto my pulse points. Slightly hedonistic I know, but without sounding like a complete junkie, I’m addicted! Neom recommend that once applied you breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds. Repeat this 3 times to induce a deep and peaceful night’s sleep.

The last step is the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist. Pillow mists are by far the most popular product of choice when looking for sleep aids. Being a huge fan of ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (£16) I was skeptical to try this out in fear that it would not live up to my expectations. How wrong could I have been?! I absolutely love this spray (quite possibly more than my previous choice). It doesn’t stain your sheets; which some may find a concern and the smell is not as overpowering as the body oil. The mist provides a beautiful halo of peacefulness as you lay your head down for the night.

Are you an insomniac like me? Comment below with your tricks on how to get a good night’s sleep (comments about sheep will not be appriciated).

I would like to dedicate this blog post to my beautiful Grandmother who left us so suddenly 7 years ago today. You are my firework in the sky. I love you Biji x

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