One Foot In Front Of The Other

Well…it’s been a while to say the least!

I feel slightly dubious about my writing skills. It’s been a really long time, but the fear of absence will not stop me! Whilst my time out was to re-develop my blog, it was also spent deciphering on what was important to me.

The last time we met, it was all mascara and face masks. Whilst beauty is still a desired subject – I realised that I have a lot more to share. Enter Reena JBhambra!

Here I will share tips/tricks, lifestyle choices, beauty (of course), recipes, travel, etc, etc. Not only have I changed up the name, but the frequency and style of posts. Gone are the monotomous, lengthy, weekly posts. Life’s too short and I intend to live it.

Join me on this journey – the highs, the lows, the laughs, the experiences and all that in between. I’ve missed my blog terribly and although it took slightly longer than anticipated to get back on track – it is always better to put one foot in front of the other than to stand still…