Once Upon A Hair Dream | Olaplex

Is it me or did January just whiz by? I’ve been having so much fun blogging and interacting with you all about my beauty routines that I’ve not noticed the month flash before my eyes!

This week I decided to let you all in on a little hair secret of mine that I have recently discovered. Rather than going through my entire hair care routine, I wanted to focus on this little gem; which has completely transformed my locks. My hair has always been a little unruly due to its density and frizz-factor; however, I’ve discovered a product so ingenius that even I can’t believe it’s true.

I know what you’re all thinking – here we go again with yet another ‘wonder product’; and to be honest, I don’t blame you. If I had a penny for every time that I’ve heard those words…well…let’s just say I wouldn’t hold back on the makeup shopping! Being skeptical about trying out a new hair product is understandable. After all, we’re all a little cautious about ruining our hair. I know that every time I’m referred to a ‘miracle product that will do wonders for your hair’ my bullshit meter goes into overdrive. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to hair care products – I’ve tried them all! However, I felt it necessary to let you in on an incredible little beauty find.

Olaplex No.3 treatment £19.95

olaplex 1

I first heard about Olaplex when researching Brazilian blow-drys. I’ve never been one for chemical treatments, but with summer fast approaching I was prepared to try anything in order to tame the frizz. The winter left my hair dry and craving for nourishment. I needed something to bring my hair back to life and help me avoid that frizzy bush effect I usually get once the weather starts warming up.

Olaplex was developed in the States in 2014. The launch of this three-step programme has risen to great acclaim. Everyone from top hairdressers to celebrities have jumped on the Olaplex bandwagon. Kim Kardashian recently revealed her love for the treatment during a makeup masterclass hosted by the very talented Mario Dedivanovic (aka Makeup By Mario). She praised Olaplex as the reason her hair was able to repair itself after bleaching her hair platnium blonde. We all know the effects dyes and bleaches have on our hair. I know this all too well. I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 15. I’ve used my hair as a method of expression, going from black to blonde and even ginger! Although the reason for colouring my hair back then was very different to what it is now, my hair still requires the same amount of attention.

Olaplex works in three steps. The first two steps are treatments applied in salons by approved stylists. They are used to tone and treat the hair during the colouring process, avoiding any breakage. The third step is an ‘at-home’ treatment; which works like a deep conditioner. Although I have not had the first two steps in a salon before, I discovered that the third step is a great addition to anyone’s hair care routine. I therefore decided to give it a go.

Hailed as the ‘holy grail’ of hair treatments, the Olaplex programme works by repairing bonds within the hair shaft, known as disulphide bonds. These bonds are broken during the process of hair colouring and styling with chemicals i.e. perming and permanent straightening. This results in hair that is weakened and damaged. Unlike many deep conditioners on the market, Olaplex is able to work its magic deep beneath the surface of the hair, strengthening and elasticising individual strands.

olaplex 2

Prior to washing, I work a generous amount of this product into dry hair. Although the packaging advises you to leave the treatment on for around 10 minutes, I found that leaving it in over night allows for deeper penetration into the hair shaft. I massage the product into the hair in sections and braid the hair out of the way. The next morning I then shampoo and condition as normal. I tend to do this routine once a week as the bottle is fairly small and at £19.95 a piece, I’m not in a hurry to use it all up.

So the million dollar question here is, does it really work? In my opinion – hell yes! I’ve never been blessed with silky locks. Being of Indian decent and growing up in a Punjabi household, my hair was always super long, thick and never coloured. Fast forward to my teen (rebellious) years, my hair became damaged, difficult and very weak due to all the colouring. Although hair care has always been at the forefront of my mind, I never got the silky, shiny, manageable hair I always desired (blame those damn L’oreal adverts). Not to say that my mane has become Victoria Secret worthy, but I’ve certainly noticed a huge difference. My hair has become a lot stronger with just one month’s use of this treatment. I know this because when I brush my hair, I no longer get clumps of fall out. My hair is also noticeably manageable. I now get a lot of ‘bounce’ and movement; which I never got before. The thickness of my hair made it flat and lifeless, but I now seem to have more oomph!

I would definitely recommend the Olaplex no.3 treatment to someone who has dry, damaged or dull looking hair. For £19.95 Olaplex claims to take 20 years off your head; which seems like a pretty sweet deal for me! For my ladies who colour or chemically treat their hair on a regular basis I recommend researching into salons which offer the no.1 and no.2 Olaplex treatments to fight the damage as it is happening. Salon treatment prices vary, but you can expect it to cost no more than their most expensive treatment.

You can find the Olaplex no.3 treatment here.