This Month’s Obsessions | May 2017

Not only does OCD take over the way I conduct my life, but it also gets involved in my likes and dislikes. I have an obsessive personality; which means I can get pretty attached, real quick. When I like something, I LOVE it. I have no concept of quantity or control (in all aspects of my life); which would work pretty damn well if I was obsessed with working out. Unfortunately, I’m not…BUT…I am obsessed with my monthly favourites.

If you’re a YouTube fanatic, like me, you will have seen an array of monthly favourites videos – a round up of what they’ve been loving the past month and why. I’ve decided to let you into my monthly favourites in this week’s blog post. Some are great, others a little whacky, but these are genuinely what I’ve been loving in the month of May.

Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool (Full Size) £20.00

I’ve been using Tangle Teezers for as long as I can remember. My hair is very heavy, very long and can often get very knotted. Tangle Teezers have thus far been the only tool that I can use on my hair to detangle without ripping out half of it out. My sister in law had recommended the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool as a great alternative to the traditional Compact Styler; which in all honesty isn’t large enough for my hair. I use this brush for everything (mostly because I love paddle brushes). Detangling, straightening, and in particular, when I’m blow-drying my hair. It cuts my blow-drying time in half; which usually feels like several hours and it works great at separating the hair when I’m straightening. The wide-set plastic teeth allow for air to flow freely when blowdrying and it actually works pretty great at smoothing away fly aways. There’s a half-size available for those with shorter hair, but if you have thin hair you may find this brush a little harsh and clunky against the scalp.

NASA Live Stream YouTube ChannelsSpace & Universe and Space Videos

O-M-G why have I not discovered this before?! I’m obsessed with Astronomy and as you can imagine, the obsession is real. There’s something about the unknown wonder of space that gets my inquisitive mind going; which is why I squealed with joy when I discovered the YouTube channels Space & Universe and Space Videos. Both equally as amazing as the other and both offer live streams of Earth from the International Space Station (provided by NASA). To say that I’m obsessed is truly an understatement. I watch it morning, noon and night. In fact – I find it quite soothing and incredibly addictive to watch (particularly when my anxiety is through the roof).

Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer £20.00

I spoke about this gel-based eye pencil in a previous blog post and raved about its long-lasting power. I won’t go into too much detail as you can read all about it in the post, but my God is this eyeliner amazing. I totally forgot I had it until I saw its shiny silver lid poking out of my makeup bag one glorious day. It doesn’t irritate my eyes (I’m a contact lens wearer), nor does it fade through out the day. There’s no need for sharpening and it glides on like butter. It literally is the best eye pencil I’ve ever used.

VITASIA Chai Latte (Approx 69p)

I LOVE chai lattes. In fact, it’s my beverage of choice upon every trip to Starbucks. During the summer months I often swap out my traditional chai latte for an iced version. For obvious reasons, of course, but I find it so refreshing. A recent shopping trip to Lidl saw the discovery of the VITASIA Chai Lattes in the chilled beverage section. A little sweeter than what I’m used to, but this stuff is so addictive (not to mention a whole lot cheaper than my usual Starbucks Venti). I’ve been diluting mine with a little more milk and a ton of ice for my very own iced coffee cooler. Probably not the healthiest habit to have, but it’s stopped me from making a trip to Starbucks every day.

Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower £1.20

When the weather gets a little warmer, I swap out my usual choice of candy-scented shower gel for something with a little zest. For that, I turn to notes of mint and tea-tree. I’ve tried many brands, but nothing beats the old classic which is Original Source’s Mint & Tea Tree Shower. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it gives me that ‘pep in my step’ to start my day.

Audible (Subscription-based £7.99/pm)

After the big 31 I made a promise to myself that I was going to make more time for reading. Truth be told, I don’t have any time to read. I’m not one for giving into modern-day technology, but after discovering Audible, I found the best of both worlds. For a mere £7.99 I can download an audio book directly from my Amazon account and incorporate it into my every day life. I listen to it while I’m driving, while I’m getting ready and even while I’m cooking. In fact – I get to incorporate ‘reading’ into my normal day-to-day activities without having to actually read. Sounds a defeatist, but it’s the best way I’ve found at keeping up with literature. What’s even better is that Audible is offering a free 30-day trial to get your started. I’m totally loving The Crystal Therapy: Learn the Various Types of Crytals and Gemstones and Their Healing Benefits by Nathan Goldsmith at the moment.

Hawaiian Tropic Body Mist £7.50

I’ve been forever obsessed with the Victoria Secret Body Mists, however, I discovered that the brand Hawaiian Tropics had released their own range of tropical scents and I knew I had to get my hands on them. Imagine an island surrounded by coconuts – that’s basically what these smell like. They last a hell of a lot longer on the skin than the Victoria Secret ones do and they actually work out a little cheaper. They’re a little big in size so they don’t fit that easily into your handbag, but they are a good ‘everyday’ spritz before you head out the door. My favourite by far has been the Golden Paradise scent.