My Favourite Highlight Brushes

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For a true makeup lover, a set of new makeup brushes are considered as valuable and as treasured as a new born baby. You may think that’s a terrible analogy, but if you’ve seen the way I’ve swooned and pampered a new makeup brush, you would understand.

Top quality brushes are one of the most important aspects of makeup application. Using poorly designed brushes can make your look appear streaky, amateur and unpolished. Quality brushes allow for a smoother application and avoids major adsorption of a makeup product.

I never understood the importance of a quality makeup brush until I started using high end makeup .There’s no worse feeling than spending a large sum of money on a beautiful foundation or blush, only for your makeup brush to soak it all up. That being said, quality should not be confused with price. Nowadays, more and more companies have brought out amazingly beautiful brushes for an equally as attractive price. The key is to finding a makeup brush that will work well with the task at hand and the natural contours of your face, despite the price. Assess the shape, size and even handle of the brush to determine whether or not it’s right for you.

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I’m sure you’re all aware that highlighters are the way to my heart. Although I love all aspects of makeup, a new highlighter sends my emotions into overdrive. Now, I won’t admit to how much money I’ve spent on highlighters over the years, because, to put it simply, it’s embarrassing. I will say, however, that there’s never a moment when my face doesn’t look like it could light up the Tower Of London.

I’ve experimented a lot when it comes to highlight brushes. However, I’ve found three brushes on the market that have become permanent fixtures on my dressing table. Finding the right highlight brush can be tricky. Some are either too big, too small, not capable of a perfect blend or simply, don’t pick up enough product. The right highlight brush can turn you from a ‘greasy’ mess to an ethereal goddess with a simple swipe.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Face Detail Brush (A23) | £24.50

This brush can be used for a multitude of tasks. It’s perfect for highlighting, diffusing powder products and setting beneath the eye. The natural bristles are tapered yet flattened on either side making it perfect for concentrating the product in the area required. I use the very tip of the brush for highlighting atop my cheekbones and use the flattened sides for underneath my eyes.

The bristles are extremely soft; which is useful for those with sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate. I also love the super long handle; which helps me control my hand motion perfectly when applying a product. My only gripe with the handle is that I wish it were more weighted, like a Sigma brush for example. However, with that said, the brush diffuses powder products beautifully, allowing for you to build up the intensity depending on your mood.

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Zoeva Luxe Fan Brush (129) | £9.50

Fan brushes, to me, are massively underrated. For years, I never knew the importance of a fan brush and always thought that its only use was to look pretty on a dressing table. However, fan brushes are one of the most practical makeup tools around. A fan brush can be used for a multitude of tasks and eliminates the possibility of harsh lines. Using a fan brush to apply your highlighter creates a naturally diffused, soft-focused look, perfect for the daytime or understated looks.

The Zoeva Luxe Fan Brush is a high performance brush made of both natural and synthetic bristles. Zoeva brushes are by far my most favoured brush brand on the market. Not only are the brushes super affordable, but the quality of the brush and the packaging it comes in are incomparable.

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Real Techniques Setting Brush | £6.99

If you’re looking for quality brushes with an affordable price tag, the you can’t go wrong with Real Techniques. The powerful sisters behind this brand know what they’re doing when creating brushes. Each brush in their line are not only affordable, but they’re incredibly long lasting.

My favourite brush out of their range is the Setting Brush. So much so that I have 5 of these little beauties in my collection. Besides the fact that it’s pink (adore), the small, densely packed brush head means that I can concentrate the product in a particular area without worrying about it going all over the place. The synthetic bristles hold a lot of product; which is why I love using this brush on occasions when I really want to go full out glam. It’s also perfect for applying highlighter to small areas, such as the brow bone.

What are your favourite highlighter brushes? Comment below with your suggestions.

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p.s. I finally got my hands on Becca and Jacklyn Hill’s Champagne Pop and I’m loving it!