Minimising My Makeup

I’m a minimalist at heart, but hoarder by nature.

When it comes to my makeup collection I have, shamefully, held onto that special tube of lipstick which has stood the test of time….and festered a very questionable smell.

My problem also relates to the fact that I’m constantly buying new products; forever adding to the never ending pile of crap which never seem to meet my face.

It was time for a change – a drastic change.

Minimising my collection was something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. Blue glittery shadow doesn’t seem the same effect on my heart as it once had. Not to mention the other crap I was harbouring in my dresser. It was time to down-size, clean out and get real.

Adopting the minimalistic approach with my makeup collection was actually harder than I initially thought. Although most of my makeup looks consist of nude lipsticks and a slick of eyeliner, it’s really hard to let go of that metallic silver eyeliner that I MAY possibly need one day.

Albeit hard, I went cut-throat on my makeup collection and as Marie Kondo would say – ‘be surrounded by things that spark you joy’.

Cleaning out my space

Whilst sat in my VERY attractive polka dot pyjamas, the first port of call was to empty out and clean. Minimising doesn’t just mean tossing out the old – it means cleaning up any residual makeup and making your space sparkling again. I have these cute red velour inserts the sit inside the drawers of my dressing table; which is bright white in contrast. The inserts serve as a pop of colour when the drawers are opened, but also protect the inside of the drawers.

Categorise and take inventory

Once my space was clean, it was time to take inventory. I, annoyingly, like to buy 5 of the same thing; which is hard to justify when minimising. Laying out each product type into categorised piles meant that I could evaluate what I had. I immediately eliminated anything expired (or at least smelt like it). I then turned my attention to broken or damaged products.

Design your space

I picked up these organisers from the kitchen section in Ikea. At £1 per piece and 6 of them sitting nicely in the main compartment of my Ikea Malm Dresser, they served as a cost-effective solution for stopping my products from rolling around everywhere.

Whether you’re storing your collection in a dresser or a collection of makeup bags – designing your space keeps things organised; not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

Let go of the junk and get cleaning

If it no longer serves a purpose – let it go. Much like taking inventory, I went through each and every pile of catergorised products and decided upon which to keep based on the following rules:

  • Have I worn it in the last 6 months?
  • Does it suit me?
  • How similar is it to other products I wish to keep

My biggest challenge by far was lipsticks. My collection of pinky nudes would put even Kylie Jenner to shame. Despite retaining one or two (or 7) of the same shade of lipstick, I made a pile of makeup which I was donating to friends and family.

Anything which I hadn’t worn in the last 6 months, or simply didn’t suit me any more also went to a better home. I meticulously went through each and every product, deciding if I would ever wear it again or if it would bring someone else joy.

Once I decided upon what I was going to keep, I used disinfectant wipes to clean off spillages and scuff marks.

Et voilà! I would probably say I reduced my collection by 60%; which makes getting glam a whole lot easier. I’m able to utilise my products, not to mention see them a whole lot better. Although – I wouldn’t say no to a shopping spree right about now!