Lush Away Your Mistle-Woes

Can you believe that we’re almost a week away from Christmas?! I can…

It’s fair to say that I’m all crimbo-ed out. Not that my love for Christmas has died (perish the thought). I’m just so overwhelmed with endless gift buying, decorating, celebrations and general Christmas rush that I’m starting to get a bit cream-crackered.

lush christmas 9

If there’s anything in this world that I love more than Christmas, it’s a pamper night. At least once a week (if I’m lucky) I switch off, unwind and float away in the blissful aroma of luxurious beauty products. With the madness of Christmas well under way, now is the best time than ever to put your feet up, run a hot bath and treat yourself to some serious R&R.

Lush, like every Christmas, have a beautiful array of festive beauty products. From cinnamon scented soaps to cranberry filled face masks, Lush is the place to go to feed your senses with all things Christmas. This year I have indulged in an assorted collection of what Lush has to offer. In my books, trolling through the shops for an endless list of Christmas presents is reason enough to treat yourself to a little pampering.

Here are the products that I use when I need a little bit of Christmas sparkle in my beauty regime.

Luxury Lush Pud £3.95 each

lush christmas 3

If you’re a true Lush-a-holic then you will be no stranger to the ever-famous bath bombs. Containing a mix of essential oils, pleasant fragrances and bright colours, these little fizzies create a wonderful eruption when added to a warm bath. Drop one into the water and watch it explode into a beautiful elixir of luxury. Bath bombs are my favourite way to make bath time fun!

lush christmas 4

This luxurious bath bomb takes the form of a Christmas pudding. Rather than a traditional look, the bath bomb consists of an electric pink colour with accents of multi-coloured polka dots. Once added to your bath, the water takes on a magical swirl of bright colours; which is perfect for lifting up anyone’s day.

Considering the colours, the smell is not as over powering as you would initially think. There are strong accents of lavender and ylang ylang; which aids relaxation and relives tension. It’s not the most moisturising bath bomb available, but if you follow with a slather of body cream, it serves as a wonderful treat for your body.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel starting from £3.95/100g

lush christmas 5

One of the most wonderful things about a Lush Christmas is the selection of limited edition products are re-emerge every year. This year I knew that I had to get my hands on Snow Fairy, one of the most talked about Lush Christmas products available.

The fluorescent pink bottle contains a sweet candy scented shower gel with added pieces of glitter. This shower gel promises everything that you would imagine upon first look. If you’re not into candyfloss or anything overly sweet then chances are you won’t like this. Snow Fairy is by far an acquired taste as it leaves a lingering scent on your skin through out the day.

lush christmas 6

A little goes a very long way as the gel itself is quite thick; which makes it great value for money. I love the moiturising factor as winter calls for products which soothe and treat your skin. I use this shower gel just before a night out as well as a bedtime treat as the flecks of glitter add a perfect amount of sparkle to your skin for all those Christmas parties.

Yog Nog and Snowcake Soaps both starting from £3.50/100g

lush christmas 2

Lush soaps have created themselves a reputation that rival their bath bombs. Whenever I step into a Lush store, the first place that I am draw to is the beautiful slabs of brightly coloured ‘designer’ soaps. We all know the waft of perfume you get when walking into a Lush store and majority of the time that’s down to their soaps.

lush christmas 1

Yog Nog (right)

Described as a creamy skin drink, Yog Nog is by far my favourite Lush limited edition product. Containing cocoa butter, soya yoghurt and a blend of Christmas themed spices, this product is a far cry from a traditional bar of soap. I’ve yet to come across a bath product that completely eliminates the need for post bathroom moiturising. I have dry skin; which craves for nourishment after a bath or shower. However, this soap is so incredibly moiturising that I don’t need to bother with a body cream after. The smell is slightly spicy, slightly caremelised and slightly musky; which encompases the theme of Chrsitmas beautifully.

Snowcake (left)

Lush describes this soap as a bar of sweet marzipan. Much like Snow Angel, the scent is beautifully sweet. It’s not as offensive as other Lush scents, but leaves a wonderful clean smelling linger on your skin. It’s made with rose, rapeseed and coconut oil; which makes this one of Lush’s most creamiest soap bars available. Rub between your palms to create a luxurious lather; which you can use all over your body.

The Magic Of Christmas £5.95

lush christmas 8

Similar to a bath bomb, bubble bars are designed for bath time fun. Crumble or swirl under a running tap to create soft and dreamy bubbles.

The Magic Of Christmas is a re-useable bubble bar packed with a spicy punch. Held together with a stick of cinnamon and garnished with cloves, this bubble bar mimics the smell of Christmas baking. The cloves are said to be an excellent aid for circulation.

lush christmas 7

Simply swirl the stick under and running tap and store away for multiple use. For £5.95 you certainly get enough uses out of this product, making it extremely affordable.

I particularly love the glitter accent on the stick; which adds an extra bit of sparkle to your skin.

What’s your favourite way to wind down after the Christmas rush? Comment below!