Happy 1st Birthday! | What I’ve learnt In My First Year Of Blogging


Wow – that year went quick and what a journey it’s been thus far! From Insta-worthy pics to Thursday blog posts, I’ve learnt a few things along the way. Am I an expert? Absolutely, positively not! I’m just a girl who has a passion and loves to share.

So where do I stand today? Well that passion for all things beauty and lifestyle is still burning bright (possibly more so today than when I first started). I’ve fallen head over heels for what I like to call ‘the three Bs’ – blogging, beauty and business. ReenaJB-eauty isn’t just a blog, it’s where I pour my heart, soul and deepest thoughts into.

Today, as I mark my 1st blogging birthday, I reflect on what I have discovered along the journey. It’s been tough that’s for sure. I defy anyone who things that blogging is just an easy going hobby. I’m a perfectionist at heart, so giving anything less than 200% is simply not good enough. However, being a novice to the beauty/blogging world meant that I needed to educate myself along the way. I’m certainly not done learning, I will never be done, but continuing to grow is what makes life beautiful. So until my next milestone, this is what I have learnt so far…

Opinions matter, but mine takes president

The internet is a scary place. Putting your mind, body and soul on the net opens the doors to an array of other voices. The world may be small, but there are a lot of opinions out there. Some may be in your favour and others may think you’re a complete twat. Some may completely rip you to shreds on your latest Instagram post, whilst others may be more ‘polite’ and ridicule you behind your back. Whatever the case – criticism must be taken with a pinch of salt in this industry. Developing a thick skin is vital in maintaining your sanity. It’s not something that comes straight away, it’s certainly something that I struggled with in the beginning. However, just because one person says you’re shit, doesn’t mean you need to hang up your blogging gloves (see what I did there? My sense of humour isn’t what it once was).

Life is beautiful, especiailly behind a lens

I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I’ve learnt how to appreciate life behind a camera lens. There’s beauty in everything – from a fallen leaf to the specs of glitter in a highlighter and it’s taken getting behind a camera to understand that. Granted, I’m slightly annoying with my equipment (I’m the obnoxious one you go to dinner with and will not touch a bite until I’ve gotten the perfect shot), but I am seriously dedicated!

I know what I know, and I’m sticking to it

Blogging has certainly come a long way over the years. It seems as though everyone and their mother have turned to the blogging world, but what sets them apart? It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘I’m a blogger and I’m going to talk about anything and everything just to get free stuff’. The truth is, I know nothing about gardening, I’m not a mummy blogger talking about my kid’s first sneeze, I have little knowledge about cooking (although I like to try) and I’m not an ‘OOTD’ fashion enthusiast (mostly because sweatpants don’t constitute as fashionable these days). I love the cosmetics industry and that’s what I’m into, so why talk about anything else? Sure, we can have many interests, but when you get into multiple categories, things turn messy and you start to begin to lose your credibility.

You don’t have to be the best, but just be honest

Speaking of credibility. I’ve learnt that honesty is the best policy when it comes to blogging. The bottom line is – if you talk about yourself as if the sun shines directly through your rear end, people won’t relate to you. Similarly, if you’re blogging about a product that you really have no time for your readers will see right through it. I can safely say that I’m honest in my blog posts (a little too honest sometimes). I tell you about my pimples, my grey hairs, my awkwardly crooked big toe and my God awful laugh. I tell you about the real me, in all my ‘boring-as-hell’ glory, because being ‘real’ is way more attractive.

Don’t be an asshole

Perhaps I should start censoring my blog – I didn’t realise how much I swear…oh well. So, I’ve learnt to not be an asshole – my work colleagues can argue against that statement. However, it’s easy to let a bit of recognition get to you. Lord knows the first time that I got over 100 likes on an Instagram picture, I looked at my husband in disgust when he asked me to take the rubbish out. How dare he?! Doesn’t he know how I am?! Clearly he did and I was the one in denial. Being an asshole is more bother than it’s worth and I’m far too fabulous to be called a bitch (I’ll work harder at the asshole thing).

Writers block is good

Writers block is as enjoyable as thrush (told you I like sharing). It’s an awful feeling staring directly into the pit of your laptop and not finding the right words to say. Writers block happens to the best of us, although, I often got confused between writers block and not being imaginative. I’ve bashed my head against the wall a few times, hoping that an idea would fall out, but nothing worked. That was until I discovered the art of inspiration. Be it a quick shopping trip, a conversation with a like-minded beauty enthusiast or even taking time out to do normal day to day things gives me that time away from my laptop and allows me to go back in with a fresh mind. Inspiration is everywhere, you just need a clear head to find it.

Everyone needs a support system

Having a good support system is essential in all aspects of your life. For me, my biggest support system are my Mum, my husband and a few good friends who cheer me on every step of the way. My circle isn’t huge, but that’s just the way that I like it. Those I chose to have around me encourage, guide and support me through not only my blogging career, but through every trial and tribulation in my life. I’m grateful to have a support system that encourages me to go on even when I find it hard and to tell me off when I spend too much money on makeup!

Wishing my ReenaJB-eauties a very happy 1st birthday and thank you all for sticking with me. xoxo