Hair Products I’m Currently Loving

Hair has been at the forefront of my beauty routine for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a Punjabi household – long, luscious, thick hair marked the benchmark for what was considered ‘attractive’. Although I mock the stereotype; beautiful hair is just as sought after in the western world.

I’m a firm believer in ‘hair investment’; which may come as a surprise to some considering that I have three hairstyles in life – straight, wavy or homeless.

Since discovering the art of Balayage (and extra strength peroxide), I’ve realised that hair management is just as important as the transformation whilst sitting in the hairdresser’s chair. Nothing is more detrimental to a new ‘do’ than the lack of after care that is needed.

Gone are the days of Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle and a simple slick of Amla hair oil. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve had some good times together, but as with most aspects of my life, I need a little luxurious TLC.

TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray

I’ve always been a fan of shine sprays. I love the glass-like effect it gives your hair, which is quite hard to achieve when it’s been bleached.

TIGI is a favoured brand of mine. Not only do their products smell amazing, but the salon-like quality with drugstore pricing makes it a brand to be reckoned with.

Shine sprays have a tendency to be quite heavy and sometimes sticky. This can be a problem for finer textured hair, but thick hair like mine can absorb a lot more product; which makes shine sprays a must have in my collection.

After styling, I layer a fine mist of this stuff (avoiding my roots) whilst combing through to give a soft, shiny effect. It gives a feather-like texture without weighing down the hair and making it look drenched. It also dries super fast which is perfect when you’re in a rush.

TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Conditioner for Brunette Coloured Hair 

Another hit from the TIGI Bed Head range.

I’ve tried a lot of conditioners over the years. My hair is naturally dry, but with the use of peroxide, my hair is more parched than ever before.

I forever swore by the old TIGI classic Oatmeal and Honey, but I’ve now realised that shampoos and conditioners are the key ingredient to colour preservation. Along with my shampoo, I need a conditioner which will enrich and enhance my colour.

Although this is designed specifically for brunette hair, there’s no reason why it can’t be used by an array of hues. The core components to this product are Shea and sweet almond oil; which provide all the nourishment you need when you’re looking to treat your hair. I would probably say that if you have finer textured hair, this might be a little heavy, but it’s a real treat, especially in the winter months when hair tends to naturally dry out.

This beauty was recommended to me by my colourist. The smell…well…the smell is nothing short of incredible. Imagine freshly baked gingerbread mixed with a chai tea latte. I love nothing more than the permeating smell that wafts through my bathroom when I use this in the shower.

I decided on the 750ml bottle (smaller sizes available) as I have a LOT of hair and conditioner to me is used in the same manner that I use hot sauce on my food – overly saturated and complete overkill.

Kerastase Spray a Porter 

Sea salt sprays aren’t normally on my radar of ‘must-have’ hair products, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this product.

I first discovered this on a beach holiday, when I was looking for a product that can protect my hair along with giving it that ‘beach/surf/tousled’ look.

I hate the way most salt sprays leave your hair feeling sticky and crunchy, but Kerastase, have perfected its formula and this product gives you sea-kissed hair without the residue.

I use this spray on wet or dry hair, depending on the look that I’m going for. Ordinarily, I spray it on dry hair, before I curl with tongs or hot rollers, to lock in the bend and create definition.

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Original Oil

Hair serum is a beauty staple that I would take on a deserted island should the situation arise. I cannot live without my hair serum and I’ve tried the good, the bad and the downright useless.

So far, I’m pretty impressed with this product. Enriched with Argan oil, this product provides heat protection as well as nourishment.

I love the light-weight texture; which is hard to find with a lot of serums and my hair can take a LOT of serum. The ends of my hair soak it up like a camel in the dessert, but I’ve found that not a lot is required when I use this product.

Hair can withstand up to 230°C in temperature when you use this on wet or dry hair; which also helps with the frizz factor.

I pump a couple of squirts in my hands and comb through the ends of my hair with my fingertips.

I love how healthy and strengthened my hair feels with this oil. Argan contains high levels of protein which is essential for your hair.

Although the texture can feel almost silicone-like, the consistency of this oil is very runny which contributes to the fact that it will not leave a sticky residue on your hair which can easily happen with silicone based products.

The elegant packaging is surely a winner on my dressing table although, the glass bottle makes it a little less travel friendly.