Hair Balm To The Rescue


If I had to sum up my hair in a few short words it would be dry, frizzy and thick. No matter how many products I run through my hair in the morning, by the afternoon my hair is begging for some moisture. Straightening is the worst. The sleek, polished, poker straight effect I get once I run my GHDS through my hair never lasts all day. On my recent Lush trip I discovered a tiny little beauty that I just had to try.

Lush’s Shine So Bright is a balm, but rather than the lips, it’s for your hair! Titled a ‘split hair treatment’, it doesn’t contain silicone like many other hair treatments, but a long list of wonderful ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and free range eggs for added protein.

The packaging is oh so cute and very portable; which was the reason why I purchased this product. Its solid consistency is packaged into a compact 0.3 oz tin and is perfect for popping into your bag for those little flyaway emergencies. Simply melt the surface of the balm with your fingers for a few seconds before distributing through your hair.

Although it is a split hair treatment, I absolutely love it for taming frizz and controlling flyaway hairs on the go. As an added bonus, the beautiful scent makes for a lovely hair perfume.

Shine So Bright has very quickly become a handbag staple for me.

You can purchase from Lush Cosmetics’ website here.

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