Give In To The Glow

mary loumanizer

The beauty world is full of ‘must have’ products. When I first heard about The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer I simply dismissed it as another overly-hyped product mostly fueled by brand promotion and sponsored reviews. My assumption could not have been more wrong!

I have never been much of a highlighter girl. My purchase of Benefit’s MoonBeam liquid highlighter many moons ago (pun intended) would always have a special place in the back of my makeup storage. Not that it’s a terrible highlighter, I just never appreciated the effect that a good highlighter could give you.

I decided to let my inhibitions go and try out this widely acclaimed highlighter and I haven’t looked back since!

This buttery-textured powder is perfect to get that Kardashian-esque glow. It’s easily build-able, but be warned! If you are as heavy handed as I am it’s easy to over do it. Rather than chunks of glitter, it adds a champagne coloured sheen to the high points of your face. I wouldn’t go as far as to adding this all over the face, rather focus on the typical areas of the face that catches the light.

In short, it’s a very versatile highlighter that would suit most skin types and shades. If you’re looking to get that summer time glow without looking like a disco ball it’s time to add the Mary-Lou Manizer to your makeup collection…

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