Feeding My Hungry Hair – Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food 3 in 1 Mask

It’s hard to miss the television adverts promoting Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Hair Food 3 in 1 Mask. I’ve always been a little intrigued, but I’ll admit that I’m a complete hair snob. I shrugged it off as one of those commercialised products that promise the world and deliver nothing, but when I saw it on offer in Boots, my thriftiness got the better of me…

I’m not the biggest fan of drugstore hair brands, however, at £3.50 (offer price) I couldn’t resist the hype.

The range consists of four different masks –

  • Moisturising Aloe Vera & Coconut (for normal hair)
  • Repairing Papaya & Alma (for damaged hair)
  • Smoothing Coconut & Macadamia (for frizzy and unruly hair)
  • Nourishing Banana & Shea (for dry hair)

Since my balayage blunder my hair has been seriously parched and damaged. I opted for the Papaya and Amla mask for its claims to repair damaged hair. The smell, however, is nothing short of incredible. If you’ve grown up in an Indian household like me then you would be no stranger to the pungent smell of Amla. This is nothing like it. In fact – the scent of papaya is far more dominant and smells just like holiday, which lingers until your next wash.

What makes this mask versatile and unique is its multi use functionality. You can use the mask in three ways –

  • As a conditioner: on wet hair, to instantly detangle & leave hair looking beautifully healthy, as if repaired, without weigh down.
  • As a mask: on wet hair, leave for 3mins and rinse out to leave hair feeling intensely nourished, as if restored.
  • As a leave-in: on wet or dry hair, apply a small amount to lengths to reduce the appearance of split ends and to leave hair irresistibly soft.

I’ve tried all three methods and my favourite is to use it as a leave in mask for 5-10 minutes after shampooing. It leaves my hair incredibly soft and tangle free without the need for many styling products. I don’t, however, recommend using it as a leave-in conditioner. I have very thick hair which tends to absorb a lot of product, but this method left my hair feeling very heavy and sticky. Therefore people with fine hair should stay well away.

For £3.50 you get a whopping 390ml of product in a pretty robust tub. I have travelled with this mask and it’s not very practical at all, but the packaging is very fitting for the ‘natural’ properties of the product which include –

  • 98% natural origin
  • 100% vegan
  • 98% biodegradable formula
  • No silicones for a natural feel
  • Many ingredients being from botanical origin

I have tried two of the other masks in the range (I steered away from banana as I hate the smell) and the Papaya and Amla is by far my favourite. This has now received a permanent place in my bathroom.

You can find the Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Hair Food 3 in 1 Mask range at Boots.