ESQIDO Companion Long Lasting Bond Lash Glue

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I love being fake…on my lashes of course. Falsies get more stick than they deserve. What’s not to love about a good pair of false lashes? Men automatically associate fake lashes with fake personalities. News flash guys – you couldn’t be more wrong. False lashes are the perfect accompaniment to any eye look, turning a basic wash of colour into a glamorous work of art. Falsies take precision, patience and perseverance to master, so associating them with anything other than hard work is criminal.

Slightly melodramatic I hear you say. Well I know how hard it can be to perfect the application technique. I’ve stabbed myself in the eye, got lash glue in my contacts, been subjected to the humiliation of having a stray lash rested upon my cheek (half way through dinner) and found a perfectly destroyed pair of lashes stuck within the nest my friend’s hair after a night out (that one was alcohol induced). Getting your technique, more importantly, your eyelash glue down ensures that your lashes stay exactly where they need to be.

Having spent years devoted to the Duo Striplash Adhesive, I found myself straying. I wanted more out of a lash glue, mostly because I was sick of seeing the remnants of it buried deep within my own lashes the next day. I’ve never been desperate enough to use those tiny pot of white crap that are including in the packaging of many drugstore lashes, but I was edging on that sentiment. I couldn’t find a lash glue that had the ease of use as my Brush on Duo glue, but with more staying power and safer for my eyes. That was until I discovered ESQIDO Companion Long Lasting Bond Lash Glue.

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Esqido are an American brand who pride themselves on cruelty-free Mink lashes handcrafted from the softest, naturally shred hairs available. Not only are their lashes beautifully packaged, but the durability and comfort factor are a big hit. If you’re looking for a suggestion on which pair to try, the Lashmopolitan style is by far my favourite to add a soft flutteryness to the corners of my eyes. It was only natural for Esqido to add their own brand of lash glue to their portfolio as mink lashes require a little more TLC than synthetic.

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Much like their lashes, the Companion Long Lasting Lash Glue is very aesthetically pleasing. With its frosted tube and rose gold twist cap, the packaging design can easily be mistaken for a high end lipgloss. You get 0.18 fluid oz of product within the tube, just like the Duo glue, however, the brush tip applicator is much thinner therefore reducing the amount of glue that is required. Brushing the glue directly onto the lash band ensures precise application and avoids you getting sticky fingers.

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The biggest selling point for the Companion lash glue is that it’s completely latex free. That means two things – it’s safer for your eyes (latex contains a high concentration of harmful chemicals) and it doesn’t contain a smell. For anyone who is familiar with the Duo lash glues, you will know the unpleasant smell that comes along with it. The Companion glue maintains its elegance through to the formula and certainly trumps over the Duo glues.

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Like many other glues on the market, the formula applies in a white, almost paint-like substance, but dries completely clear. I’ve been on a new kick lately, forgoing the eye liner completely. The Companion glue ensures that I don’t have those horrible white lash-band lines and everything looks as natural as possible (as natural as it’s going to get with a dramatic pair of false lashes). The staying power is as long lasting as it says on the package. I put the glue through a gruelling challenge of a wedding during one of the hottest months in the summer and it didn’t fail me. The best part about it was that when it came to removal, it didn’t rip out my natural lashes and it didn’t feel like I was ripping off my own skin.

ESQIDO Companion Long Lasting Bond Lash Glue is available on their website, marked at $10.00 (approx £8.00). The company, although an American brand, have a UK distribution centre where their UK orders are dispatched. Therefore when you place an order on their website, the shopping cart automatically converts the price into UK pounds and doesn’t sting you with a customs charge upon delivery. Shipping costs $5 (approx £4.00) for orders under $50 (£40.76) and free thereafter. You can, however, order directly from Rose’s Beauty Store. The markup is slightly more expensive (£17.94), but that includes taxes and shipping costs.

You can purchase the ESQIDO Companion Long Lasting Bond Lash Glue from:

Esqido website here and Rose’s Beauty Store here