Bargain Contour

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If you’re a regular to my blog then you know that I love a good contour. Palettes, pans, compacts, powders, creams – I’ve tried the lot and my makeup storage space (or rather, lack of) reminds me everyday that I’m just a little obsessed with sculpting.

With so many contouring products available on the market, it’s hard to know which one is worth the investment. With each product lovingly described as flawless, smooth, pigmented and so on, it’s no wonder us women accumulate so much makeup – we can’t tell the difference between them!

Along with contouring, I also have a little addiction to online shopping. When I say little, I really mean gigantic. I feel slightly sorry for those who have been subjected to my online shopping frenzies. It’s a truly scary sight to witness. However, needless to say, much like my makeup addiction, this is one habit I’m not quitting any time soon. So with both of my loves fixated into my mind, I recently went to town on a Makeup Revolution haul. Purely for research purposes of course!

Makeup Revolution is a makeup brand; which prides itself on affordable alternatives to many of the makeup world’s cult classics. With worldwide shipping and a concession stand in my ‘temple of solace’ Superdrug, I kicked myself for not discovering this ingenious brand sooner. From prices starting from as little as £1 and products looking very similar to those which I have paid more than double the price for, I had a feeling that this brand was either going to be the best discovery of 2016 or a complete bust.

I naturally gravitated towards their highlight and contour products in the hopes that I could feed my addiction with yet ANOTHER product. However, besides the Radiance palette; which by the way is an awesome alternative to the Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminators, I was slightly disappointed with the variation of products. Some looked like cheap knock offs, whilst others didn’t have the right shade selection for my skin tone. It was then, when I decided to browse through the Mono Eyeshadow section, that the makeup angels began to strum their beautifully harmonious harps in my head.

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The Mono Eyeshadow in ‘Delicious’ caught my eye immediately. Not as a beautifully hued eye shadow, but as the most perfect cool-toned contour powder I have seen in a drugstore/highstreet alternative. Not sure what made me gravitate towards the Mono Eyeshadows to be honest, because I’m more of a palette girl, but with a price tag of £1 my gluttony took over. The reviews seemed pretty positive and many customers purchased the eye shadow with the same notion as me so I made the purchase and a few short days later it was in my possession.

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Upon first inspection the packaging seemed quite impressive. Much larger than a MAC shadow (2.3g as opposed to 1.3g), the rectangular shaped pot looked like it would be quite easy to swipe a contour brush through. The transparent, plastic lid contains the brand’s logo with clear visibility to the shadow shade; which makes it easy to spot in your makeup bag. The snap closure was sturdy and despite being made out of plastic it didn’t feel flimsy.

The texture was surprisingly creamy; which wasn’t expected for a £1 shadow. I swiped my finger across the pan and was also pleasantly surprised to see that the pigmentation rivaled many of my higher end contour powders. Despite this, I knew that the proof was in the application. After all, many makeup products can give a great colour payoff in a swatch, but the real test is when you apply it to your face. Of course, being the overzealous makeup lover that I am, I went straight in with a makeup brush and contoured away. I first went in with my Sigma (F05) Small Contour brush, but I realised that this powder required a much more tapered brush for precise application. I then went in with my Sephora Pro Contour Brush #79; which deposited the colour perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks.

cheap contour 1

The colour can only be described as a grey-ish cool-toned matte brown; which may seem an odd choice of colour for a product that is to be applied to your face, but when it comes to contour, the cooler the better as natural shadows of your face don’t tend to have orange/warm pigments. There’s no glitter and no sparkle; which makes this contour colour completely flat and very natural. The grey tone allows for you to contour without running the risk of looking muddy and it works great as a transition shade for your eyes. I love running this through the crease of my eyes when I’m looking for some definition without having to push myself to do a full shadow look.

The colour payoff is amazing once you build up the colour and it blends to perfection. It’s not as intense as my Morphe (06F) Pressed Powder palette; which is somewhat of a blessing as this gave me a semi ‘natural’ looking contour without looking like a complete drag queen. My only gripe about this shadow is that it’s quite ‘dusty’; which I suspect is not down to the shade, but the product itself. Once you swipe your brush into the pan, there’s quite a bit of fall out; which can cause a lot of product wastage. However, for £1 a piece, you would hardly feel guilty for repurchasing or stocking up on backups.

You can purchase the ‘Delicious’ Mono Eyeshadow here and here.

Have you tried any of Makeup Revolution‘s products? Comment below with your favourite picks for me to try out in my next haul.