Change Your Beauty Game With These 20 Hacks

Beauty hacks are the way forward. Despite having an array of beauty products at our disposal, us women sometimes find ourselves in a pinch. If getting glammed up isn’t as much fun as it should be and you’re not utilising smart hacks into your beauty routine then you’re working too hard!

Here are my top 20 beauty hacks that will literally save you time, effort and money.

beauty hacks

1. Perfect your cat eye – Let’s face it. Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, perfecting your winged eyeliner can be tricky! Luckily this hack will change your eyeliner game forever. Place a piece of scotch or masking tape on the outer corner of your eye to guide you into the perfect flick. You can also use tape to create a sharp line when doing dramatic eye looks to prevent yourself from bringing the shadows out too far.

2. Fool proof lash application – I know plenty of ladies out there who struggle with putting on their falsies. I have to admit, being an Essex girl at heart, I have somewhat mastered my false lash technique. However, for those women out there who struggle with fiddly strip lashes then this hack is for you. Take your strip lash and cut along the band into three parts. Don’t panic! Simply apply lash glue to the band of each section and apply to your lids in order of length (longest section to be placed on the outer corner of the eye). Once applied no one would notice the difference…and you will still have your sanity!

3. Boost your scent – Christian Dior once said “A woman’s perfume tells more about herself than her handwriting”. Your scent speaks a thousand words, but how do you ensure that your favourite perfume lasts all day? Rub some Vaseline onto your pulse points before spraying perfume directly on top. The Vaseline acts as a ‘glue’ for the perfume to stick onto all day long! Don’t forget your pulse points are inside your wrists, inside your elbows, behind your ears, behind your knees and base of your throat.

4. No more lipstick on your teeth – This is the ultimate glamour girl beauty hack. Avoid those awful lipstick stains on your teeth by placing your index finger inside your mouth while you purse your lips in the form of an ‘O’ shape. Slowly drag your finger out whilst keeping your lips together. This will wipe off any excess lipstick you may have on the inner part of your lips and avoid those awful lipstick smears.

5. Split ends be gone – Having had long hair my entire life, split ends have always been a struggle. Avoid the hair dressers by trimming them yourself. Take 1″ sections of your hair and twist into spirals. The small hairs that stick out of the spiral are considered ‘unhealthy hair’. Run your scissors along the spiral to trim off the small hairs. This works particularly well with hairstyles that have layers as it allows you to retain your length.

6. Makeup for your body – If you have any scarring or imperfections on your body that you want to cover up simply use some BB cream. The consistency will feel just like a moisturiser, but will give you enough coverage to cover up those skin sins.

7. Revive your mascara – If your holy grail mascara has dried or clumped up don’t fret! Simply fill half a mug with hot water and dip the tube of mascara in it for a few minutes (make sure it’s closed!). The heat from the water will soften the dried solution and give your mascara a new lease of life.

8. Intensify your eye shadow – Apply a white jumbo pencil all over your lids before applying your chosen eye shadow. This will brighten any hue and make it pop. Alternatively, if you are going for a dark, smokey eye apply a black pencil or gel liner all over your lids to intensify the colour.

9. Waterline longevity – If you struggle with getting your waterline liner/kohl to last all day and night then try out this hack. Once you have applied your desired eye pencil in your waterline, ‘set’ it with a matching eye shadow. Using a stiff liner brush, press the shadow on top of the eyeliner. This will ensure that your eyes stay lined and intense all day and night. Running your eye pencil through a gel eyeliner before applying to your waterline also works wonders.

10. Red lipstick to tackle dark circles – Being of Indian descent I understand the struggle that some women get with under eye circles. I’ve tried every serum, gel and mask there is on the market and although some are great in reducing dark circles, I have yet to find one that completely alleviates the problem. Next time you’re in need of covering up last night’s antics try this genius trick. Swipe some orange-toned red lipstick under your eyes in a semi circle shape. Blend out the lipstick with a brush or Beautyblender before applying your favourite highlighting concealer. The orange-red tones neutralize the blue and purple tones in your dark circles making your concealer application much more effective.

11. Bouncy curls in minutes – If you love the look of bouncy, glamorous curls, but lack the time or patience to create them then try this out. Put your hair in a high pony and split into 3-5 sections (depending on thickness of your hair). Curl each section with a tong, remove the elastic band holding the pony and shake your hair out. You will be left with sexy curls that look like they’ve taken hours to create.

12. Alternative makeup brushes – Let’s face it, makeup brushes can be expensive. MAC brushes retail from around £15 each; which is a huge investment when you consider how many brushes are needed for a perfectly blended look. If you’re on a budget why not try purchasing your ‘makeup brushes’ from an art supply store? You will find an array of natural and synthetic haired brushes; which look identical to those you would find at any makeup counter. It’s important, however, to carefully examine the brushes and ensure that they are of good quality and soft enough to work on your delicate skin.

13. Supermodel pins – Contouring has taken over the beauty world. We’ve all heard of contouring your face to fake perfect bone structure, but have you heard of contouring your legs? Victoria Secret models may have amazing bodies, but they all take to this little trick before the runway to enhance their natural leg definition. Apply a self tanner or bronzing product all over your legs. This hides a multitude of sins including, dare I say it?, cellulite! Next, apply a highlighter or shimmer stick down the centre of your leg starting from your thigh down to your foot. This immediately draws the eye to the centre part of your legs making them appear longer and leaner.

14. Brush away those clumpy lashes – An old toothbrush can save the day if you’ve been a little heavy handed with your mascara. Run your toothbrush along your lashes immediately after applying mascara to remove any excess product and prevent your lashes from looking like spider legs.

15. Lighten your foundation colour – Picking the right foundation colour is essential in creating your makeup look. Choosing the wrong colour can have dire effects on the rest of your makeup. If you’ve found the perfect foundation, but it’s in a few shades darker than your skin, simply add a few drops of moituriser to the mix to customise the colour. The moituriser lightens the foundation making it more suitable for your skin tone. This also works well for women who buy two different shades of foundations as the seasons change.

16. Add volume to your hair with eyeshadow – If you find that your hair parting or hairline isn’t as full as you would like it, using eyeshadow could be the answer to your problems. Use a shadow the same colour as your natural hair and apply with a makeup brush to the area of concern. It’s not permanent, but it’s a perfect quick fix for a night out or for that spontaneous selfie!

17. Dry your sweaty feet – TMI I know, but we’ve all been there. During the warmer months, ballet flats and sandals can cause your feet to sweat. If you want to avoid slipping and sliding in your shoes then try this genius hack. Simply spray your feet with dry shampoo to absorb sweat and keep bacteria at bay. Your feet will thank you for it!

18. Travel-sized DIY – We all like to have our lotions and potions with us when travelling. However, carrying a truck load of beauty products while adhering to baggage weight restrictions is not feasible. Next time you’re packing for your holiday try downsizing your favourite beauty products by transferring them to empty, plastic cosmetic containers. Not only will you save space in your toiletry bag, but you leave room in your suitcase for more shoes!

19. Bobby pin etiquette – If you find that your bobby pins are not holding your hairstyle as well as you would like, try spraying them with hairspray beforehand. This will add extra hold and ensure that your bobby pins stay in place all day.

20. Prevent messy manicures – If you’re doing an at-home manicure and find it hard to keep nail varnish off the skin around your nails, Vaseline may be your saviour! Rub some Vaseline into the cuticle area to prevent nail polish from ruining your manicure.

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