The Palette That Broke The Internet

carli bybel palette 5

I have a confession to make. When it comes to limited edition products, I lose all sense of reason. Where many people will happily let a limited edition or flash sale go, I am the person who queues for several hours to get my hands on something that I, quite frankly, might not even need!

When I first heard about the Carli Bybel/BH Cosmetics collaboration, I knew that this is something that I most definitely need. Although I have a never ending supply of makeup palettes, this one practically lured me in leaving me helpless to resist.

Not that I’m a huge BH Cosmetics fan. Being an American brand, it’s fairly unheard of in the UK. I am, however, a big fan of Carli Bybel. For those of who you haven’t heard of her, she is an immensely popular beauty/fashion vlogger on YouTube, who has turned her expertise into an internet phenomenon.

carli bybel palette 2

On 8th September 2015, I woke up to my 7:45am alarm, giving myself enough time to prepare a coffee and switch on my laptop for the 8am (GMT) release. I bid farewell to my husband, shoved a bunch of takeaway menus in his hand and sentenced myself to solitude in hope of not being disturbed. If it took all day, so be it. This was in the name of makeup! It appears as though I was not the only makeup enthusiast on a mission that day, as the BH Cosmetics website was complete standstill within minutes. After spending 7 painful hours continuously refreshing my screen, my order finally went through and I received my confirmation email before it completely sold out.

carli bybel palette 4

Priced at only $12.50 (approx. £8.22) per palette, this is definitely one of my most thrifty makeup purchases. Although delivery to the UK takes between 8-11 days and costs around £5.97, BH Cosmetics is so affordable that you could throw in a few more items in your basket to justify the delivery.

The palette contains 5 matte and 5 shimmer eye shadows, along with 4 highlighters. I was pleasantly surprised at the formula of these powders, with each one as creamy and pigmented as the last. Considering the affordability, the quality is comparable to any high end palette.

The colours range from a pale pink to a deep plum, but all contribute to a warm, earthy toned palette; which perfectly defines Carli’s signiture style. The versatility of colours allow you to create an endless list of looks; all of which are very ‘on trend’ for this Autumn.

carli bybel palette 1

The eye shadows blend amazingly, with very little fall out. The matte shades offer the ability to create a subtle, yet neutral glamour with the shimmery shades offering drama and excitement. Although it doesn’t appear as a vast amount of product, the shadows are so pigmented that a little goes a very long way. My only gripe is that the shadows are unnamed; which is a problem for beauty bloggers and vloggers referring to this palette in makeup tutorials.

carli bybel palette 3

The highlighters are my favourite part of the palette (of course). The colour selection offer options for many skin tones. The coppery shade, furthest to the right, has to be the most beautiful golden hue I have seen in a drug store product! The pigmentation in these highlighters is immense and a slight swipe of a fan brush is enough to provide you with a beautiful glow atop cheekbones. If for some reason you don’t find your perfect highlighter shade, they work beautifully as eye shadows.

As far as my first experience goes with BH Cosmetics, I’m pleasantly surprised. Carli did a great job in creating an affordable, yet high quality product. The packaging is classy and easily spotted in my makeup collection and the colours will certainly be at the top of my list for Autumn.

The Carli Bybel Palette is currently sold out, but due for restock at the beginning of October. Enter in your email address here and be the first to be notified when the palette becomes available.

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