Creating A Capsule Makeup Collection

capsule collection

Although I adopt a minimalistic approach to my home life, I love excess. From makeup to food, I can’t help but have it all in abundance (probably why I’m always broke and on a diet).

Being a beauty blogger means that I’m constantly surrounded by an array of beauty products. It also means that I get to feed my insatiable appetite for all things beauty in the name of research. Of course, that excuse doesn’t really get me far when having to explain the credit card bill to my husband, but it’s perfectly logical in my mind. However, there are times when I look at my makeup collection and wish that I could apply my minimalistic approach.

As a self-confessed makeup lover, I can’t resist the lure of a new makeup purchase. So much so that I have multiple of each makeup item. Of course, items such as lipsticks come in an array of colours so multiples are a must, but there’s only so many colours of the rainbow and I probably have double that. This brings me to my inpromptu makeup spring clean. I’m not going to lie; it hurt –  I cried less during my wedding vows. However, it was the best decision I’ve made thus far.

Creating a capsule makeup collection not only makes everything super organised, but also allows you to make informed purchases in the future therefore saving you money. Here’s how to create your capsule makeup collection:-

  1. Purge the outdated – In order to know what you’ll keep in your capsule collection you first need to get everything out and spread it on the floor. If anything smells ‘funny’ or has been in your collection for as long as you’ve been alive, it goes in the bin. Tossing out old/expired makeup is a great place to start when purging your makeup.
  2. Do a 2nd purge – Once all of the ‘rubbish’ is tossed out, it’s then time to put your best ‘cut-throat’ face forward. Look at your collection and make an informed decision on what you really need. What items do you use on a daily basis and what items do you rely on no matter what look you choose? Whilst ‘novelty’ or ‘specialised’ makeup can be fun, do you really need that florescent purple blusher? Decide on what colours suit you and what colours you reach for most. Then decide on what brands/products you can’t live without. If you haven’t reached for a particular product for a significant amount of time, it’s got to go. Remember, it’s quality over quantity. I’m not suggesting that all drugstore/cheap makeup needs to go in favour of more expensive items. You just need to decide on what’s more valuable to you and what you can use to create your signature look.
  3. Get rid of the duplicates – Whilst having multiple concealers, foundations or mascaras is great for variety, chances are you’re letting at least one of them mould away. We all have favourites and we all reach for that one product over the other, so having multiple of one item just means that you’re wasting your money. I love testing new brands and new products as much as the next person, but the idea here is ‘one in, one out’. That way, you’ll have more space and you’ll soon realise what products suit you best.
  4. Organise it – Once you’ve decided on what makeup you’ll like to keep, you then need to figure out how to store it. This is my favourite part (obviously). I’ve got nothing against makeup bags, but no matter how spacious they may be, they’ll never be ideal for storing your precious products. To keep things clean and in clear vision, you need to invest in some great storage solutions. Acrylic makeup boxes, such as The Original Beauty Box, are perfect for storing your makeup. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then Muji offer some really great, budget-friendly solutions. You don’t need to go crazy and get loads of different boxes/trays. Personally, having a simple acrylic box upon your vanity table looks very chic. Find what solution works best for you, but more importantly, will offer easy access to your makeup at all times.
  5. Maintain it – Once you’ve got your storage solution(s) set, you’ll need to maintain its convenience. That means you’ll need to firstly clean off your makeup products. Sticking a dirty compact in an acrylic makeup box will not only defeat the purpose here, but it will become that much harder to maintain your new system. Wipe off excess makeup/spillage, store it in a manner which makes sense to you e.g. grouping together brands; and make sure that any used products goes back clean and in the place where you last found it.
  6. Purchase according to season  – When you decide to expand your capsule collection, think about your next purchases in terms of season. When winter comes around, think about your signature dark lip. Do you already have it in your collection or would this be a new addition? Purchasing makeup according to season allows you to really use up the items which you’ve bought rather than impulse buying something that you won’t use for months on end.