Time To Teatox


We’ve all heard of detoxing. Juices cleanses, apple cider vinegar and cabbage soup diets are generally what comes to mind when thinking of losing a few pounds fast. However, the theory that ‘eating is cheating’ has never sit well with me.

I love food as much as the next person and although it’s important to fit into that beautiful dress by Friday, I don’t think I could give up my favourite foods as a sacrifice.

You can imagine my delight when I came across Teatoxing. Although it has been around for a while, detox teas have recently become popular through social media. Every other Instagram post out there would be of brand promotions pushing the latest detox teas for you to try.

Teatoxing is designed to encourage the natural process of elimination to remove unwanted toxins and built up waste from our body. You are advised to follow a healthy eating regime whilst undergoing the detox; which means no fasting and no meal replacements!


With so many brands out there, I was instantly drawn to the BooTea Teatox. Firstly their packaging is so cute! The natural ingredients are incased within individual silk tea bags; which scream absolute luxury! Maybe I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but this is one product I would happily display in my kitchen!

This UK based company has two options for its Teatox, a 14 and 28 day programme. Both consist of the same principle. The ‘morning’ tea to be consumed everyday throughout the duration of the course and an evening tea to be taken every other night.

The evening tea is meant to ‘cleanse’ your system with its natural laxative component Senna leaves. The morning tea is to revitalise and refresh to make you glow from within. In all honesty, the ‘evening’ tea is somewhat of an acquired taste. Senna leaves aren’t the most fragrant so be warned that the ‘evening’ intake might not be everyone’s cup of tea!


Daytime Detox:

Chinese Oolong tea, Maté leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

NOTE: The Daytime Detox does NOT produce a laxative effect (only the Bedtime Cleanse will operate in this manner). The Daytime Tea contains a small amount of caffeine.

Bedtime Cleanse:

Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root, Psyllium seeds.

Upon completion of my 14 day course I can honestly say that BooTea is by far my favourite way to cleanse any time I feel a bit sluggish. The weight loss affect is not dramatic (I say this as I only lost 3 pounds!), however, it’s a great kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. Although the taste was not the greatest, with an added sweetener or a squeeze of honey I easily got used to it. You can certainly continue using the tea after you complete the the desired course, but after about three months of use I would advise giving your body a bit of a rest.

You can find BooTea here:- www.bootea.com or Holland and Barrett.

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