Birthday Cake Energy Balls

January is well and truly under way. Along with our shrinking wallets, many of us are attempting to shrink our waistlines.

I’ve never been much of a snacker, but lately I’ve been craving a little sweetness in my life.

All be it a non-appealing name – energy balls have proven to be my favourite past-time snack. They’re perfect to grab on the go or as a breakfast alternative with a cup of coffee.

If there’s ever a flavour of dessert that I can’t say no to it’s birthday cake. Subtle flavours of vanilla and almond along with a confetti of colourful strands make birthday cake an ideal choice for these balls of joy.

Organic coconut flour makes the premise of the mix. It’s high in protein, fibre and good fats. Excluding the oats (which can be omitted), these energy balls are gluten friendly and full of goodness. If you chose to omit the oats then increase the coconut flour to two cups.

Sweetened with agave nectar which is a natural sugar alternative and AMAZING for your skin, the squidgyness (professional description) is provided by the medina dates.

You can switch out the desiccated coconut and sprinkles and add your own variation of flavours. Chocolate chips also work well if you’re more of a cocoa lover.

The smell that comes from the combination of this recipe will cure even the sweetest of sweet cravings with the goodness of wholesome ingredients.