Bedside Beauty

As the day draws to a close and my bed lures me in, there are a few steps that I take before laying my head down to ensure that I don’t wake up looking like a miserable cow – scratch that – as much of a miserable cow.

It’s safe to say that I take my pre-slumber beauty tasks very seriously. First there’s the skincare – we all know how that goes down. Then there’s the bedtime manicure, the random eyebrow hair pluck and, of course, the obligatory face analysis (you know you do that too).

With a beauty regime as extensive as mine, many would believe that it takes me an hour to get ready for bed. Quite the contrary. My beauty regime fits around my lifestyle. So when my husband and I wind down to some bedtime tv, I go to work with my lotions and potions. There’s no better feeling than slipping into bed feeling relaxed, primed and ready to awake as a glowing goddess (indulge me).

bedtime beauty 1

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a woman, simply check out her bedside table. The items she choose to have at her finger tips pre and post sleep can reveal more secrets than her diary.

My bedside table usually contains a myriad of charging cables, mobile phones/ipads, prescription glasses and a bottle of water. These are the items that I simply cannot get out of bed without. When it came to adding my beauty products to that mess, I simply had to add some organisation to my life. I display my beauty products on a beautifully decorated Venetian mirror tray. It adds no purpose to my beauty regime, but it certainly makes me feel more special! If you’re looking for a way to organise your collection of bedside essentials, try adding a vanity tray or decorative bowl to add a little glamour to a boring bedside table.


bedtime beauty 2

Soap & Glory | Heel Genius £5.50

My feet are the first thing that I go for when I’m getting ready for bed. I have extremely dry skin and no matter how many pedicures I get through, my feet are always dry and uncomfortable if I don’t treat them to a thick slather of foot cream.

The cream contains extracts of grape, orange, lemon, sugar cane and macadamia seed oil; all of which contribute to its sweet smell. Menthol is also included; which gives the cream a light blue colour and a cooling affect once applied to the feet. The consistency is more gel-like than cream, but it absorbs instantly into the feet. For the price point, you can’t go wrong. This is certainly one of the most moisturising foot creams that I have tried and the cooling affect is welcomed after a tiresome day on my feet.

I rub in this gel/cream using massage techniques before slipping my feet into a comfy pair of socks. The socks help your feet retain moisture from the cream; however, I can’t sleep in socks so I keep them on for a minimum of 20 minutes whilst I watch TV.


bedtime beauty 3

The Body Shop | Lipscuff £8.00

This has become somewhat of an obsession for me. Whilst I watch TV, I mindlessly rub this lip exfoliator all over my lips. Unlike conventional lip scrubs; which are contained in tiny tubs, this little invention takes the hard work out of exfoliating. In lipstick-like packaging, this is the easiest scrub I have ever used. There’s virtually no mess or water required to clean up the product. The exfoliating beads (crushed fig stones) gently melt into your lips. The addition of coconut and marula oil hydrates and soothes your lips after the exfoliating beads have done their job. There’s a slight peppermint taste to the exfoliator; which explains the colour, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Winter is the perfect time to add a lip exfoliator into your beauty routine as harsh weather conditions cause lips to flake and dry out. I’ve noticed that continuous use of this lip scrub leaves my lips feeling buttery soft and it also helps with any dark pigmentation on the lips (that’s for my fellow Indian girls out there).

bedtime beauty 5

Maybelline | Baby Lips Dr Rescue range £3.49

Although the Lipscuff does a wonderful job in moisturing the lips, I always feel like I’m missing a piece of the puzzle when I don’t use a lip balm.

Lip balms, to me, are what Nandos sauce means to chicken – it’s a bare necessity! I never go anywhere without a lip balm in tow. I constantly top up my lips with a slick of balm throughout the day, particularly during the winter months.

I have grown a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the Maybelline Baby Lips collection. I’ve made it my mission to collect every flavour and colour available; which has proved to be a difficult task considering that there are a crap load of them. However, the Dr Rescue range has been my favourite for using before bedtime. Maybelline claims that their Dr Rescue range provides up to 12 hours of hydration, combats sore and chapped lips and just one week of continuous use is enough to completely renew your lips. I’m not sure of the ‘lip renewal’ claim, but my lips feel super moisturised after using this handy stick. I don’t have to worry about residue on my fingers when applying the balm; which is always a pet peeve of mine. The formula is incredibly creamy and the staying power is great. My lips still feel moisturised when I wake up in the morning.

Hands and Nails

bedtime beauty 6

Lush | Love and Light Hand Cream £7.95-£13.95

I’m forever applying hand lotion. My hands take a beating throughout the day. I’m somewhat of a clean freak, so I’m constantly washing my hands. However, all that washing actually takes out the skin’s natural oils therefore leaving them dry and rough. I read somewhere that your hands are the first to show signs of ageing, so treating them to some TLC will ensure you look as young as you feel. Much like the skin on your face, your hands renew themselves while you sleep so applying a moisturising cream will do wonders for your paws.

I love how light this cream is against the skin. Although I love rich and creamy formulas, I don’t want anything too heavy or greasy on my hands. I’ve had many iphones fall on my face due to slippery hands! The extracts of neroli oil and organic cocoa butter add a wonderful level of moisture to your hands and the Brazilian orange blossom adds a beautiful fragrance. The tiniest bit goes a very long way so this cream will last you forever.

bedtime beauty 7

Lush | Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter £6.95

Ok people, confession time – I bite my cuticles. Disgusting I know, but I can’t seem to stop! Luckily I’m not a nail biter otherwise I would have nothing left on my fingers! I’ve made it my mission for 2016 to improve the condition of my cuticles and, of course, stop myself from nibbling away at them!

This cuticle butter is actually a multi-use product. Think Vaseline in a lemon curd scent. You can use this balm on any rough patches of your body as well as your cuticles. The extremely thick balm turns to an oil once applied to your body. Word of warning though, if you don’t like lemon scents, you won’t like this. The smell is over bearing and smells like you’ve literally rubbed an entire lemon on your hands.

What I do love about this product is that it’s very long lasting. I barely touch the product with my finger and that slight touch is enough to cover all 5 nail beds on the other hand.

What do you keep on your bedside table? Comment below and let me know what your essentials are.