ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit | Review and Swatches

How fickle the cosmetics industry can be. Trends, understandably, come and go, but as a consumer, it can be incredibly hard to keep up. First it was contouring, then it was brows, then came the explosion of liquid lipsticks and now – let’s just say, we are not short of options when it comes to highlighters. We live in a glow-obsessed society. From high end to drugstore; it seems as though there’s not a brand out there that hasn’t put their stamp on a highlighter/illuminator.

In my day (yes I’ve reached that age now) there weren’t as many highlighters available on the market. The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks were my first and only love when it came to giving my skin a cosmic glow. However, as beautiful as they still seem to me, I just can’t get away with that much glittery shimmer on my skin as I could when I was young(er). Luckily for me, and my fellow glow fanatics, there are now an abundance of options to choose from when you want to add that touch of sparkle to your skin.

sun dipped 2

If you read my blog post last week (if you haven’t, shame on you), you would have witnessed me gush about the wonders of the ABH Renaissance Palette. In keeping with the theme, I thought I would share with you my review on the Sun Dipped Glow Kit palette; which is the latest addition to the ABH Glow Kit family.

So what is the Glow Kit? Well in simple terms, it’s a palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, released since 2015; which contains a selection of 4 highlighters, all within the same colour family. In not so simple, dramatic, out-right diva terms – it’s life in a cardboard box.

sun dipped 5

The Glow Kits Glow Kits are available in three different colour selections and are suitable for a number of skin tones. The Gleam Kit contains an array of peachy pinks and silver tones, perfect for fairer skins. That Glow Kit contains bronze, copper shades with reflects of gold, perfect for darker complexions. Last, but certainly not least is the newest addition to the family, Sun Dipped; which is a perfect hybrid of its predecessors.

sun dipped 4

At £39 the kits aren’t exactly budget friendly. However, you do get 4 pretty huge sized pans; which is equivalent to 4 full sized highlighters, therefore the price is justified. I don’t think ABH were being extortionate with their price point. In fact, I think most of their products (except for their liquid lipsticks) are fairly priced.

I have a slight love/hate relationship with the packaging. I LOVE the fact that the pans easily pop out for replacements or even interchanging between the other kits for your own custom palette. I do, however, hate the fact that there’s no mirror and the packaging feels quite cheap and cardboardy (I realise that’s not a word, but you know what I mean). For £39 I want something that’s one, going to protect my highlighters when travelling and two, a damn mirror so I can see my highlight bling. Saying that, I suspect that if they were going to up the quality of the packaging they would have reduced the size of the pans; which would have been a real let down.

sun dipped 3

Similarly to the other kits, there are a selection of 4 colours in the palette. ‘Bronzed’ is a warm toned coppery shade; which would be right up my alley, but I feel it’s a little too dark for my skin tone. I would be great as a bronzer topper or even as an eyeshadow, but I would definitely reserve this shade for when I’m on holiday. ‘Summer’ is a pale yellow gold; which is perfect for that intense highlight look or precise application i.e. inner corner or cupid’s bow. It’s quite a versatile shade so it would suit a fair number of skin tones, but it’s not for the faint hearted. ‘Tourmaline’ is the most unusual of all the colours. I can only describe this shade as a purple-y, taupe-y, rose gold-y neutral shade – not much of a description was it! It’s not the first colour that I would go for in the palette, simply because I don’t understand it, but I reckon it would be good as a blush topper. ‘Moonstone’ is my favourite shade of all. A luminous golden beige, it’s colour bares a close resemblance to Becca and Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop. I feel that this shade is the most universally flattering out of all of them and I can see myself working through the pan quite quickly.

sun dipped 1

I love how blendable every one of the shades are. The pigmentation is fairly strong as you can see from the swatches, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they’re on par with ABH Illuminators. The texture, however, is just as buttery and not gritty like some glitter infused highlights. You can build up the intensity fairly easily with the right highlight brush and it will never look cakey.

If I had to make a decision between all of the Glow Kits, I would say Sun Dipped is by far my preferred choice. The colour selection is far more versatile than the others and the golden undertones works perfect with my medium toned skin. I would certainly say that the palettes as a whole are great value for money considering that I’ve forked out £30-£40 on a single highlight with a very similar pan size. I would definitely consider taking this palette on my travels as it offers a variety of shades if you mix and match. My most favourite combination is ‘Moonstone’ mixed with a little ‘Summer’.

You can purchase the ABH Sun Dipped palette from Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay.